Assessment of Oil Spill Response Planning and Preparedness: International Guide and RETOS V3.0

Year: 2023

Publication type: Best Practices

The International Guide for the Assessment of Oil Spill Response Planning and Preparedness provides a comprehensive summary of many components and elements in a Response Planning and Readiness Assessment System. This International Guide provides a detailed compilation of over 500 aspects that contribute to a thorough and sound oil spill response program. It was developed under the leadership of IMO, Ipieca and ARPEL and with the support of internationally recognized institutions and international oil companies. This Guide is an update of the 2008 IOSC Guideline and represents the knowledge base of ARPEL RETOS™ Tool. With its 500+ references to best practices, the Guide makes the perfect companion to bridge the gaps identified in the evaluation made with aligned with RETOS™.

ARPEL, IMO, and Ipieca sponsored the updates to the ARPEL Readiness Evaluation Tool for Oil Spills, RETOS™ and its transition to a web-based application as well as its accompanying Oil Spill Response Planning and Readiness Assessment Manual. The ARPEL Manual and RETOS™ are intended to be used in conjunction with the International Guide. Together, these tools provide a comprehensive set of criteria for industry and governments to assess their level of oil spill response planning and preparedness. The assessment criteria, agreed upon by the participating companies and institutions, provide the foundation for a series of checklists whereby gaps can be identified in oil spill response planning and readiness programs. THE MANUAL AND LINK TO THE WEB-BASED APPLICATION OF RETOS™ WILL BE POSTED HERE IN SHORT

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