Expert delegates and executives of the region work in cooperation in the Technical Committees and Working Groups, forming the engine of the Association to carry forward its strategic lines.

  • They develop work processes for continuous improvement based on the exchange of best practices and knowledge in discussion forums.
  • With unfolding innovations, they develop and edit Guides and Manuals that provide a basis for member companies to enrich their business models.
  • They contribute to provide training and the technical support required by member companies in the implementation of best practices.
  • They provide information to conduct benchmarking studies, whose purpose is to measure and compare the improvement in the performance of member companies.
  • The Technical Committees work with the support of the Executive Secretariat of ARPEL.


Industrial Cybersecurity

Industrial Cybersecurity Working Group (CyberWG) created in 2015.

The CyberWG is transversal to all the items of the value chain of the oil and gas industry, focusing on the protection of people and the promoting environmental stewardship against cyber risks, computer vulnerabilities and threats that may explode in technological and especially operational environments.

The objectives of the CyberWG are:

  • 1. Collaborate in the development of an Industrial Cybersecurity strategy, generating synergy among its members, providing the ARPEL community with better and greater protection against Cyber Threats.

  • 2. Share information, experiences and develop policies, best practices and procedures of Industrial Cybersecurity with added value for its members.

  • 3. Increase the capabilities of member companies in industrial cybersecurity through maturation measurements and follow-up to their references in the evolution to new capabilities.

  • β€œβ€œThe Industrial Cybersecurity Working Group is made up of experts on the subject of the main oil and gas companies in Latin America and the Caribbean, in order to work together to strengthen the capacities of its members in the face of a scenario of Emerging and high potential cyber threats.

    It contributes to the continuous improvement of Industrial Cybersecurity in ARPEL member companies, being a collaborative team in all its domains and specialties, promoting training and awareness within the region, the action and implementation of countermeasures, adopting the concept of Security from the Design.

    At the same time, it creates a collaborative environment that, through different lines of action, adds value to the Industrial Cybersecurity of the ARPEL member companies, protecting people, the environment and industrial processes ”.”

    Javier Fernando Castillo, Leader of the Industrial Cybersecurity Working Group of ARPEL