Industrial Cybersecurity Maturity Benchmarking in the oil and gas industry for Latin America and the Caribbean

Year: 2023

Publication type: Benchmarking

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Currently, the growing interconnection of industrial systems and the adoption of digital technologies, mostly used in information technology environments, have provided enormous benefits in terms of efficiency and productivity. In return, they have increased their exposure to cyber threats that can compromise the security of the processes they control, having a direct impact on the four risk receptors: People, Environment, Finance and Corporate Image. From ARPEL's Industrial Cybersecurity Committee we have accompanied our partner companies, in the identification of their Industrial Cybersecurity capabilities to help them in the elaboration of their investment plans, taking as reference the C2M2 model of the United States Department of Energy. America. Based on this assessment, we have prepared this benchmarking study that has allowed us to identify the gaps between the capabilities developed in the region and an industrial cybersecurity model widely adapted to the oil and gas industry.

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