LGC Series 2021: Digital Dialogue Colombia - The Role of Natural Gas in the Energy Transition

Year: 2021

Publication type: Events

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This report is the summary of the Digital Dialogue: “The Role of Natural Gas in Colombia's Energy Transition", carried out in August. This event is the third issue of a series of dialogues being held on a monthly basis under a virtual format throughout 2021.

In this edition, the speakers were: Carlos Cortes, Regional Coordinator for Latin America (IGU), Andres Sarmiento, President (Naturgas), Alexandra Hernandez, VP of Economic and Regulatory Affairs (ACP), Andres Ponton, Gas and LPG Manager (Ecopetrol), and Juan Pablo Henao, VP of Commercial Development (TGI).

This initiative is part of the Latin American Gas Conference & Exhibition, an event that has been jointly organized by ARPEL, IGU and EnergyNet, with the support of OLADE, on an annual basis since 2018.

Public files

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