LGC Series 2021: Digital Dialogue Argentina - Vaca Muerta

Year: 2021

Publication type: Events

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This report is the summary of the Digital Dialogue: “Vaca Muerta: Investment and Energy Policies to Accelerate Development”, carried out in June. This event is the first issue of a series of dialogues being held on a monthly basis under a virtual format throughout 2021.

In this edition, the speakers were: Jorge Ciacciarelli, Independent Consultant, Former Excecutive Secretary of ARPEL; Verónica Tito, Legal Advisor to the Undersecretary of Hydrocarbons, Secreatry of Energy Ministry of Economy; Ceferino Angel Di Camillo, Commercial Planning Manager, TECPETROL; Gabriela Aguilar, General Manager Argentina and VP SouthAmerica, Excelerate; Pablo Erias, Commercial Manager, Transportadora de Gas del Norte (TGN); Patricio Da Re, Strategy, Business Development and Investee Management Manager, Vice Presidency G&E, YPF

This initiative is part of the Latin American Gas Conference & Exhibition, an event that has been jointly organized by ARPEL, IGU and EnergyNet, with the support of OLADE, on an annual basis since 2018.

Public files

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