15 November 2023

How are Leading Companies in the Sector Progressing Towards Low-Carbon Economies? Arpel-World Benchmarking Alliance Webinar

  • Over 100 professionals from ANCAP, Chevron, Ecopetrol, ENAP, EP Petroecuador, GeoPark, Honeywell, NGC, OCP Ecuador, Pan American Energy, PDVSA, PEMEX, Petrobras, Petroperú, Raízen, Recope, SLB, Tecpetrol, Tema Litoclean, TGN, YPF, and YPFB participated in the webinar organized by Arpel in early November on "Assessing Oil and Gas industry decarbonization plans. How are the most influential O&G companies advancing?"

    Arpel's Managing Director, Irene Alfaro, acted as the moderator for speakers Laura Hurtado Verazaín and Vicky Sins, who presented the results of the "Energy and Climate Benchmarking of the Oil and Gas Sector 2023" report prepared by the World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA), as well as the scope of this study evaluating low-carbon transition plans of the 100 most influential companies in the sector.

    The webinar explored the progress of oil and gas companies in Latin America and the Caribbean towards low-carbon economies. Mechanisms to promote, implement, and communicate more robust, feasible, and fair transition plans were analyzed based on this analytical framework.

    The focus of the presentation was the ACT (Assessing low-Carbon Transition) Initiative, a tool to measure the credibility of transition plans developed by companies and their potential to achieve scientifically-based objectives.

    ACT has an operational, holistic, and future-oriented approach to corporate climate responsibility and was developed through multilateral technical working groups and public consultations.

    The presentation and discussion focused on energy and climate benchmarking for the oil and gas sector.

    The methodology is free and publicly accessible, and explains the expectations for each indicator, as well as each element and its scope.

    Link to the full webinar recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBuTK1tiS8Y&t=930s


11 April 2024

Latin America Needs to Encourage Energy Investment to Play a Relevant Role in the Energy Transition

• Carlos Pascual, S&P Global: “Immersed in international politics, several changes are taking place in the global energy matrix.” • Carlos Garibaldi, Executive Secretary, Arpel: “We are addressing this transformation because we are realistic and ...
10 April 2024

Arpel-Naturgas Week: Energy Diversification Means that Latin America Must Leverage its Oil and Gas Resources

• Federico Barroetaveña, YPF CFO: “The size and efficiency of Vaca Muerta poses a unique opportunity for Argentina” • Ana Milena López Rocha, Ecopetrol CFO: “Ecopetrol’s strategy is diversification and not the replacement of hydrocarbons.” ...