17 December 2019

ARPEL presented its White Paper “Systemic Approach to Improve Recovery Factors of Oil Resources” at the Expo Oil and Gas – Mossoró

  • ARPEL presented the key messages of its White Paper “Systemic Approach to Improve Recovery Factors of Oil Resources” at the Expo Oil and Gas – Mossoró, Brazil, during 26-27 November.

    This was ARPEL contribution to the Brazilian government/industry endeavors to increase the recovery factor of onshore older fields to extend their life and address the exploitation of potential unconventional reservoirs, the gist of the Brazilian REATE program.

    The event –attended by over 1000 participants from local government, operating companies and the whole industry value chain- was part of the government “road-show” to launch the REATE 2020 program with the involvement of ABPIP (Brazilian Association of Independent Oil and Gas Producers) and ONIP (Brazilian Petroleum Industry Association) and other local associations.

    Last 13 December 2019, the Brazilian Energy Policy Council (CNPE) has approved the creation of the Committee for Revitalizing the Activities of Exploration and Production of Oil and Natural Gas in Land Areas of the REATE 2020 Program.

    It will propose measures to improve market conditions and to increase the attraction of small and medium-sized companies in oil and natural gas activities onshore in the country. Updates in royalties and other taxes for those fields may be part of these measures.

    We expect that the ideas proposed in the ARPEL White Paper https://arpel.org/library/publication/516/ deserve consideration to the government/industry discussions in Brazil.


06 April 2020

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31 March 2020

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