ARPEL (Asociación Regional de Empresas Petroleras - Latinoamérica y el Caribe – [Regional Association Of Oil, Gas And Biofuels Sector Companies In Latin America And The Caribbean] is an international non-profit organization based in Montevideo, Uruguay.

ARPEL was founded in 1965, the main purpose of the Association is to promote the integration, growth, operational excellence and optimal socio-environmental performance of the industry in the region, facilitating dialogue, collaboration and the construction of synergies, as well as the creation of shared value through the exchange, expansion and better management of knowledge.

Its current members -state-owned oil companies, as well as international and independent oil companies, and suppliers of technology, goods and services- have upstream, midstream and downstream activities in the region. ARPEL also has an extensive institutional network that includes the main chambers and institutes of the region and international institutions/organizations related to the energy sector.


The head of the Executive Secretariat – made up of a team of ten professionals – and in charge of leading the activities of the Association reporting to a Board of Directors currently made up of representatives of seven companies. The Board is accountable to the General Assembly.


In coordination with the Board of Directors, the Secretary shall lead the definition of objectives and strategic guidelines of the Association being responsible for their fulfillment, aiming at the institutional consolidation and to maximize its impact on the oil and gas sector of Latin America and the Caribbean. He/she is also responsible for the planning, organization, execution and control of its annual activities’ programs and budgets.


Without being exhaustive, the responsibilities of the office of Executive Secretary include:

  1. management of the organization´s governance processes;
  2. planning, organizing and controlling annual activities and budgeting which allow the fulfilment of the objectives set;
  3. coordination with Project Managers of the activities of the committees and working groups, including planning, organization, development, quality control and publication of deliverables for members;
  4. communication and interaction with members, aimed at their active participation and maintenance and growth of the membership of the Association;
  5. communication and interaction with strategic allies and stakeholders;
  6. innovation, planning, organization, customer acquisition, development and quality control and impact of regional event and course programs;
  7. management of human, financial and technological resources of the Secretariat.


The Executive Secretary has the following responsibilities inherent in his position:

  1. Being the Legal representative of ARPEL, with the capacity to grant powers for matters concerning the administration of the ordinary activities of the Association;
  2. Being the Representative and spokesperson of ARPEL’s members in front of external stakeholders, in charge of transmitting the line of thought established by the Board of Directors, who will pre-establish and supervise communications when they involve taking positions that may compromise the member companies.
  3. Secretary of the meetings of the Board of Directors and of the Ordinary and Extraordinary Assemblies;
  4. General Manager of the Secretariat, responsible for personnel management, contracting of services, approval of expenses and purchase of fixed assets, among others, within the framework of the plans and budgets approved by the Assembly.


SALARY: According to market.

Fixed pay: to be defined during the selection process.

Variable pay: according to the fulfillment of the objectives set by the Board and in relation to the key aspects of the management, i.e.: maintenance and increase of members, suitable balance between income and outcome of the organization; appropriate level of reserves; level of participation and satisfaction of member companies, etc.

The salary is not subject to any contribution, and it is exempted from taxes within Uruguay.


The base of operations is ARPEL's headquarters in Montevideo, Uruguay. In this context, the candidate selected for the position shall be relocated to that city, in case the candidate lives in other country, he or she shall work in Montevideo part-time, in accordance with his/her position demands, in coordination with the Chairman and/or Executive Board of the Board of Directors. In the event of expatriation to Montevideo the Association will have an item in the budget to cover the costs of relocation at the beginning and conclusion of the contract.

Given the status of INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION that ARPEL enjoys in Uruguay, the Executive Secretary and his dependents have access to a status of Diplomatic Resident. This condition allows access to the purchase of a vehicle free of import levies, provided that they do not have Uruguayan nationality.


The medical and life insurance costs during trips are covered by the organization. Medical insurance costs in Uruguay are responsibility of the candidate.


The term of this contract shall be for four (4) years, with the option for renewals for two (2) additional years by decision of the Board of directors and ARPEL’s General Assembly.


  1. Latin American oil executive with international experience with proven update in the issues of the industry and management by objectives
  2. Age preferably between 45 and 65 years
  3. Willingness to relocate in Montevideo, Uruguay, or work in a hybrid approach; i.e., living in other country and part-time presence in Montevideo.
  4. High level of energy and mobility for travels in the region
  5. Great leadership capacity and relationship with senior executives and senior government official.
  6. Strategic mindset, regional vision, local action
  7. Demonstrated managerial ability and achievements in his/her professional career
  8. Excellent oral and written communication skills; good motivator, good networker and with high level diplomatic skills
  9. Perfect command of Spanish and English; mastery of Portuguese is desirable

Applicants must send an email attaching a summary of their profile compared to the requirements requested for the candidate, as well as their complete Curriculum Vitae, before September 30, 2021 exclusively to the email