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Featured Publications

ARPEL Reference Manual for Pipeline integrity Management (2nd ed. 2015)

General guidelines for pipeline operators to check their own management and/or implement the best practices ...

Evolution of safety performance in the oil and gas sector (2004-2014)

The purpose of this report is to show the evolution and improvements in safety performance ...

Manual and Tool to Evaluate Oil Spill Management Capabilities – RETOS V 2.0

ARPEL Oil Spill Response Planning and Readiness Assessment Manual and its Readiness Evaluation Tool for ...



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Year: 2012 Publication type: Studies Public document

The report identifies industry priorities on socio-environmental sustainability management as well as patterns, trends, consistencies and differences among companies operating in Latin America and the Caribbean in relation to present and future issues, its performance and motivations. Stakeholders’ priorities are also described as well as their perception and expectations about industry performance.

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