Innov@arpel, Innovation & Technology Platform

Year: 2017

Publication type: Institutional

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Innov@arpel is a corporate web platform created with the aim of promoting interaction among providers of innovative technological solutions -R&D centers, universities, service providers, startups, SMEs, among others- and end users -operating companies in the energy sector, particularly oil, gas and biofuels operators.

Innov@arpel offers the possibility of exchanging experiences and knowledge, as well as obtaining references of innovative technologies already implemented by other users, therefore accelerating the learning curve. Similarly, it allows contacting other members that are developing new solutions. On the other hand, the platform provides the opportunity to carry out innovation projects together with other stakeholders of the sector, and thus find a partner in Innov@arpel either to obtain financing, scale a project, collaborate between teams and enhance knowledge, among other possibilities.

For more information and registration by company or institution:
+598 2410 6993

Public files

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