Our goal in ARPEL is to give a strong boost to innovation as we consider it an increasingly important aspect to improve operational and management efficiency, and the competitiveness of the sector, and thus contribute to the sustainable development of our societies.

To this end, the Association developed the virtual platform Innov@arpel that promotes interaction between technology solutions providers (R&D centers, universities, suppliers of goods and services) and operating companies in the energy sector, especially oil and gas companies.

Innov@arpel brings supply and demand for innovation and technology closer from anywhere in the world. In addition, it is a new communication and networking channel to disseminate the latest developments and innovations, whether related to technology or management issues.

One of the services of the platform is the ability to build alliances between companies and/or other relevant players, this being another space to provide technical support to both ARPEL member companies and other users.

The development of the platform was sponsored by Schlumberger and Spectrum, both ARPEL member companies.

Through a corporate account, Innov@arpel users have access to all the functionalities:

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  • Massive and facilitated access to information on innovative technologies that already exist or are under development
  • Start of contacts and building of alliances with other members
  • Use of new technologies to improve competitiveness
  • Networking and technical development of young professionals
Technology providers
  • Regional and international projection of the business
  • Interaction with operating companies, which represent a significant part of the upstream and downstream activities in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Knowledge of the needs of the industry
R&D centers and universities
  • Approach to the production sector
  • Building of alliances in innovation clusters
  • Obtaining funding for project development
  • Publication of patents, papers, and other technical works
  • Internships

Innov@arpel App is now available on Google Play and Apple Store. (To use the App you need to sign up in advance at

A business and collaboration platform created for the energy sector