Climate Risks and Adaptation: challenges and opportunities in the oil and gas sector

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Objective: to exchange key information and experiences on adaptation to climate change and climate risks management, with the objective to analyze advantages and disadvantages of the available tools to implement working methodologies in the organizations. This will be achieved through:

-Dissemination of information on climate change adaptation

-Presentation of working methodologies and experiences

-Identification of strategic actions in the industry

-Case studies

-Participation and breakout sessions

Preliminary Topics:

-Conceptual introduction and state of the art from a global perspective: vulnerability, adaptation, climate change scenarios and climate risk management.

-Risks and opportunities from climate change adaptation in the oil and gas industry in the region.

-Presentation of specific examples of climate risk scenarios and predictive models and maps of vulnerability areas in the countries of the region: Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador.

-Tools for the identification of climate change vulnerability and adaptation: nature-based solutions; BACLIAT, etc.

-Implementation of tools in the oil and gas sector: presentation of case studies and their potential for the development of Management Strategies for Climate Change Adaptation in the company.

-Other complementary tools: experiences in the implementation of the water management tool (IPIECA/WRI).