Innovarpel 2023: Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity in the Oil&Gas industry

Quito, Ecuador

In the context of the energy transition, the Oil & Gas Industry in Latin America and the Caribbean faces the challenge of operating efficiently and sustainably to ensure competitiveness and energy security in its countries. In this context, digitalization is a strong catalyst to optimize operations and minimize adverse effects on the community and the environment. It is also about making a journey that involves significant challenges and makes the industry face and take new risks.

Regarding the use of digital tools and disruptive technologies in operations, the exchange of Best Practices, success cases and lessons learned is a factor that will contribute to this end and the mission given to ARPEL by its member companies.

-Exchange best practices, success cases and lessons learned in the implementation and use of digital technology throughout our industry. -How to avoid cyber-risks or mitigate the consequences that affect the organization’s security and operations. -Identify the challenges and opportunities involved in the Digital Transformation. -Prepare the organization and its staff for the changes resulting from the Digital Transformation

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