Conferencias y Foros

ARPEL Oil and Gas Regional Conference 2017

Punta del Este, Uruguay

The Arpel 2017 Regional Oil and Gas Conference will be held from April 25 to 27 at the Hotelli Conrad FACILITIES in Punta del Este, Uruguay. The Motto Chosen for the fifth Edition is "New Energy Reality, Challenges and Opportunities".

The main objectives of the ARPEL Conference are:

Analyze the environment in which the industry is developing and its future Deepen the challenges and opportunities facing the sector to meet the energy needs of Latin America and the Caribbean Dialog on strategic and emerging issues of sustainability Exchange experiences and best practices that ensure continuous improvement at the operational and management level. Meeting of Presidents and CEOs of oil and gas companies and of Ministers of Energy of the region

Presidents and CEOs of national and international oil and gas companies and Ministers of Energy of the region will participate in a special dialogue that will be based on the new energy reality and the challenges and opportunities presented to governments and companies in two Panels one after the other.

LATINVE & P - Hydrocarbon Agencies Forum

The ARPEL 2017 Conference will have a business forum focused on the promotion of investment opportunities in exploration and production in Latin America and the Caribbean, in which the State Entities responsible for regulation, promotion, tendering and contracts in the oil sector And natural gas from Latin America and the Caribbean.

A new edition of the event with greater relevance of ARPEL

This ARPEL Conference was preceded by four similar events of great success, carried out in 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015. The last edition brought together more than 400 senior representatives of the energy sector of Latin America and the Caribbean and had more than 90 international speakers, including WPC Director General Pierce Riemer; The general secretary of IGU, Pal Rasmussen; IHS senior vice president, Carlos Pascual, and Wood Mackenzie's Macro Market Director, Ann-Louise Hittle, among others.

Also, presidents and CEOs of national and international oil and gas companies participated in a special instance of dialogue.


• Executives of operating companies and suppliers of technology, goods and services.

• Government representatives, financial institutions, international organizations, consulting firms and universities, among others.

ARPEL Conference 2017 is the main regional forum of discussion for the leaders of the energy sector. In its fifth edition, the main theme will be the new energetic reality, and will bring together the presidents of the most important companies and leading state authorities, who will present their business and government perspective.