Accreditation Program on Pipeline Integrity Management - Module II - Internal Corrosion

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


The Accreditation Program on Pipeline Integrity Management (PIM) aims to facilitate the identification of all the different threats that may interfere on this type of infrastructure and implement prevention and mitigation actions in order to minimize the effects over them and thus the consequences on people, the environment, the economy, the reputation of the company and the infrastructure itself.

This program consists of 4 theoretical and practical modules that, upon approval, the student automatically receives the Regional Accreditation: I) external corrosion; II) internal corrosion; III) Forces of nature, operational errors and actions by third parties; and IV) Evaluation of mechanical integrity and risk assessment. What is presented below is the second module.


Introduce to participants with knowledge about the most common forms of internal corrosion in pipelines and different techniques of corrosion monitoring applications, equipment, and practical limitations. It also will be studied the requirements for the application of chemical treatment with the control variables for an injection system, the types of existing cleaning pigs, accessories and how to select one or more of these depending on the corrosive process fluid characteristics. 

The course aims to provide an excellent theoretical and practical training through testing and practical trials in CTDUT with training rooms and first class infrastructure for conducting full-scale field trials.

Addressed to:

Professionals involved in pipeline operations: inspection and maintenance; risk analysis and assessment; design, construction and projects; as well as their corresponding suppliers of goods and services.


-Corrosion in pipelines
-Case studies of corrosion in pipelines
-Techniques for Corrosion Monitoring
-Treatment and assessment coupons
-Chemical treatment injection
-Integration of Information Management in Corrosion Monitoring
-Various practices


Gutemberg de Souza Pimenta: Ingeniero Mecánico de la Pontífica Universidad Católica de RJ (PUC); Maestría en Ingeniería Metalúrgica y Ciencia de los Materiales de la Universidad Federal de RJ - COPPE. Realiza actividades de corrosión desde 1979, cuando ingresó al Centro de Investigación de Petrobras- CENPES. Desde el 2000 es Consultor Senior en Petrobras. Autor de diversos trabajos en corrosión tanto en congresos nacionales como en internacionales. 

Milene De Almeida Lagoas Desmarais: Chemical Engineer with emphasis in Refining and Processing UFRJ / ANP; Specialization in Pipeline Engineering at Pontífica Universidad Católica (PUC ); Training in Engineering Processing at Petrobras University. Since 2007 works in Processing Engineering at Petrobras Transporte SA - Transpetro, carrying out activities related to the inspection of pipelines (internal corrosion).

Alvaro Augusto Magalhães: Chemical Engineering from Universidade Federal Fluminense ; Master in Science  at UFRJ ; Ph.D. in materials engineering and electrochemistry at the University Pierre and Marie Curie- UFRJ . He works as consultant in Corrosion Engineering Research and Development Center of Petrobras since 2004. Author of numerous publications related to the theme.  

Mauro Teixeira: Technician in Mechanics at the Federal Center of Technological Education of Rio de Janeiro. Has extensive experience as a Quality Control Technician. Since 2003, he works as Technician in Inspection of Equipments in Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.  

General Information

Venue:    Centro de Tecnologia em Dutos (CTDUT) 

Rua Ingá, 997, Campos Elíseos - Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Dates and Schedule:      6 days, June 29 - July 4, 2015, from 8am to 5pm.

Note: The language of the course is in Portuguese with translation into Spanish.


The participant who reaches the minimum required attendance will receive a certificate of attendance. If the participant passes the final exam, he/she will also obtain the certificate of approval.

Its delivery will be within 30 business days starting from the date of completion.


Registrations will only be accepted prior to June 15, 2015. 

There will not be on-site registrations.

Please send registration form to:

Attention:  All cancellations made writing to before JUNE 15, 2015 will be refunded, minus a 30% administration fee. After this deadline, registration fees will not be refunded. However, changes of participants will be considered until June 26, 2015, at a cost of USD 100.

Registration Fees

  • ARPEL members USD 2.500
  • Other companies and institutions USD 3.500

INCLUDES: course material, lunches, coffee breaks, a copy of the Reference Manual, exam and certificate, shuttles between the hotel and CTDUT. 

-Bank transfer

-Credit card (VISA, Master Card, American Express)

Next modules 

Module                                                                            Dates

III) Forces of nature, operational                                 August 24- 29, 2015

errors and third party actions

IV) Evaluation of mechanical integrity                       November 16- 21, 2015
and risk assessment

For further information on the course, please contact: