Request for mutual technical assistance through ARPEL website

  • ARPEL members can now request mutual technical assistance through an online form available on the official site of the Association.

    The new section was recently designed with the purpose of facilitating and promoting requests for assistance among professionals of member companies.

    This mechanism of cooperation allows ARPEL member companies to share best operational and management practices through the exchange of knowledge and experiences with their peers.

    Mutual technical assistance may comprise different needs and be implemented through different mechanisms, such as field learning internships, participation in courses, request for non-confidential information, etc.

    The various technical areas in which ARPEL currently works are detailed in the form: Exploration and Production, Refining and Fuels, Pipelines and Terminals, Gas and Energy, Health, Safety and Environment, Social Responsibility, Human Talent and Knowledge Management, Cybersecurity, Climate Change and Communications.

    When completing the application, the professional should indicate the deadline for his/her request for assistance. Upon receipt of the application, the ARPEL team will get in touch with the member company in order to manage the request for mutual technical assistance.

    Click here to learn about the new section devoted to Mutual Technical Assistance.


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