Seminar on Industrial Cybersecurity in Torre YPF, Puerto Madero

  • On August 2, YPF hosted the seminar "Fundamentals of Industrial Cybersecurity,” which was attended by more than 100 professionals of the sector and local government authorities.

    The accelerated incorporation of the fourth industrial revolution and of digitally modified products and/or services poses challenges not only for nations, but also for organizations.

    The event, which was supported by Kaspersky Lab and Honeywell, began with the conference "Emerging practices in corporate cybersecurity and the importance in the agenda of senior management" by Jeimy Cano, Associate Professor in the School of Administration at Universidad del Rosario, Bogotá, Colombia.

    "The inclusion of a greater digital density exposes us to opportunities but also to higher risks. Therefore, it is necessary to begin to walk the path of cybersecurity, since it allows us to build capacity and be well prepared against threats that we may still not know," Cano said.

    In addition, the expert pointed out that the main challenge lies in "changing one’s mind, moving from an analog culture to a digital culture; this supposes anticipating, adapting and learning all the time."

    Finally, he said that cybersecurity affects business directly since "it allows ensuring that the business is working well in a digitally modified context."

    The seminar continued with the conference by Julio Ardita, founder and Director of Technology of CYBSEC, on "Cyberresilience in Organizations."

    Ardita said that at present, and as a result of incidents that are starting to happen in different parts of the world, even in Latin America, one of the objectives of the areas responsible for information security in organizations is to see how to apply policies and procedures to improve and raise the level of security and be protected.

    As an example, the expert mentioned that until recently the target of a potential intruder was a bank, with the aim of stealing money, and that nowadays an energy company could be among the companies chosen to be attacked in order to generate sabotage or cause damage, among other reasons.

    Finally, he said the big challenge for organizations is to start to build bridges between the professionals of the industrial part and IT to begin to work together, make a risk analysis of what is critical and how the level of security actually is, propose specific plans to improve and segment security, and monitor attempted attacks to try to stop any attack that may happen.

    The agenda of the seminar included presentations by Francisco Souto, Manager of Business Development for Cybersecurity in Honeywell; Andrés Giarletta, responsible for Engineering for the Southern Cone in Kaspersky Lab; Natalia Char, Latin America Regional Manager for Financial Lines in Willis Towers Watson, and Jesús González of Cyber Aon Risk Solutions.

    Hernán Vázquez, IT Manager of ARPEL, Jeimy Cano, and Brian O´Durnin, CISO of YPF were in charge of the closing panel.

    By clicking here you can access the document ''Strategic Path of Corporate Cybersecurity," which was developed by Jeimy Cano.


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