02 February 2023


  • OCP Ecuador, ARPEL’s member company, was awarded the Ecuador 2022 National Quality Award.

    The award is based on the Malcolm Baldrige Excellence Management model created in the United States in 1987 and adopted by more than 60 countries; locally, it is granted by the Ecuadorian Corporation for Total Quality after a comprehensive assessment under 7 excellence criteria: Leadership; Customer and Market Orientation; Knowledge Analysis and Management; Process and Results Management; Strategic Planning; Measurement; and People Orientation.

    “This achievement commits us even more to the daily work that OCP Ecuador carries out in compliance with our mission to provide integral and innovative logistics solutions in the transportation of hydrocarbons that contribute to the sustainable development of Ecuador,” said Jorge Vugdelija, Executive President of OCP Ecuador. He added that “it is necessary to point out that OCP Ecuador has a valuable human team whose personal and professional quality allowed us to achieve this distinction that fills us with pride.”

    To learn more about the company: https://www.ocpecuador.com/


13 December 2023

International Guide for Oil Spill Response Planning and Preparedness Assessment, developed by Arpel, IMO, and Ipieca

On December 12th, Arpel conducted an exclusive webinar for member companies in which it introduced the "International Guide for Oil Spill Response Planning and Preparedness Assessment." The meeting also described the functionalities of the beta ...
28 November 2023

Arpel's Geotechnical Projects Team at IPG 2023 in Colombia

After the virtual meeting held in early october, Arpel's Geotechnical Projects Team (EPGEO), led by Fabián Sánchez, held a face to face meeting on November with the participation of professionals from the companies TGN, TGP, ...