03 May 2023

Launch of ARPEL Energy Transitions Committee

  • The ARPEL Energy Transitions Committee was launched at the end of April in Montevideo. The Committee is coordinated by Irene Alfaro, Managing Director of the Association.

    As a prelude to the first meeting of the Committee, an exchange workshop was held within the framework of the ANCAP-ARPEL Conference, which brought together professionals from Ancap, Chevron, EP Petroecuador, Ecopetrol, Honeywell, NGC, Recope, Petrobras, Petropar, Raizen, SLB, S&P Global, Staatsolie and YPF.

    This meeting was aimed at exchanging experiences, challenges and opportunities of ARPEL's member companies in their energy transition pathways, in order to generate a baseline to build guidelines and topics to be worked on in ARPEL in the short term.

    The launching meeting of ARPEL Energy Transitions Committee was attended by 27 executives representing 20 member companies.

    During the meeting, the Committee defined the main lines of work for the next two years. The topics that were considered to have the potential to be addressed collaboratively were: Analysis of physical and transition climate risks; Carbon markets, internal carbon pricing and offsets; Fair transitions, and Regulatory frameworks and carbon taxes/incentives.

    The objectives, deliverables and deadlines will be the next steps to be taken by this important ARPEL working committee on such a crucial topic as Energy Transitions in the region.


03 May 2023

Ecopetrol hosted the first meeting of experts in Operations Planning

ARPEL and Ecopetrol jointly organized the First Latin American Meeting of Experts in Operations Planning (RANE), which took place on April 27 and 28 in Cartagena, Colombia, and was attended by professionals from Wood Mackenzie, ...
02 May 2023


The document compiles the activities carried out in 2022 under the four Strategic Vectors: Energy Transitions, Operational Excellence, Sustainable Management and Relationship with Stakeholders. The Report includes links to virtual workshops developed throughout the year ...