02 September 2022


  • ARPEL welcomes Ecopetrol as a new active member. Ecopetrol is present in all the steps of the hydrocarbon chain: exploration, production, transportation, refining and commercialization.

    It operates in central, southern, eastern, and northern Colombia, and abroad.

    The company has two refineries: one in Barrancabermeja and another in Cartagena.

    Through its subsidiary Cenit —which specializes in hydrocarbon transportation and logistics— it owns three ports for exporting and importing fuels and crude oil: Coveñas and Cartagena on the Atlantic, and Tumaco on the Pacific.

    Ecopetrol also participates in the biofuel business and has presence in Brazil, Mexico, and the United States.

    The company's stocks are listed on the Colombian Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange. The Republic of Colombia is the majority stockholder with an 88.49% interest.

    With Ecopetrol, ARPEL further expands the network of executives and technicians in the energy industry in Latin America and the Caribbean.

    For more information about the company, visit: https://www.ecopetrol.com.co/


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