15 June 2022


  • OCP Ecuador, which is the second oil pipeline operating in that country and represents the largest private investment, is a new member of ARPEL. It contributed more than US$ 1.4 billion during its construction, which began in 2001, and its operation in 2003.

    OCP Ecuador has a heavy crude oil transport capacity ranging from 18 to 24 API and, since 2015, has also transported medium crude oil (27.5 API) with a segregation system aimed at maintaining the quality of origin.

    The oil pipeline starts in the Lago Agrio canton, SucumbĂ­os province, in East Ecuador, and ends in Esmeraldas province, on the coast, covering a total distance of 485 kilometers. Ninety-nine percent of the pipeline is buried, and it includes four pumping stations, two pressure reduction stations and a Maritime Terminal.

    The company uses a control and monitoring system through the software called "Data Acquisition System (SCADA)", which receives, among other data, all the information provided by the pressure and temperature sensors installed along the 485 kilometers.

    By obtaining these figures, the operator can know, in a matter of seconds, if there is any anomaly in the transportation of crude oil, which allows immediate decisions to be made in case of any contingency.

    ARPEL welcomes OCP Ecuador as a new active member, continuing to expand the Latin American network of executives and technicians in the oil, gas and renewable energy sector.

    To learn more about the company: https://www.ocpecuador.com/


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