14 March 2016

ARPEL together with IAPG provided a training course on oil spills response oriented to operators and governments

  • The Regional Association of Oil, Gas and Biofuels Sector Companies in Latin America and the Caribbean  (ARPEL) carried out with the Instituto Argentino del Petróleo y del Gas (IAPG) a new edition of the course  “Readiness evaluation tool for oil spills” by using the ARPEL Manual and the RETOS® tool.

    The training was attended by more than twenty professionals of ANCAP, Consorcio Terminales, Oiltanking, PMI, Prefectura Naval Argentina, Shell Capsa, YPF and YPFB Chaco, from Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay, and   aimed the objective to facilitate the development of skills to implement the use of RETOS® in the evaluation of   OSR planning and readiness and at the same time  provided alternatives to  move  from basic management stages to excellence levels.  

    ARPEL developed its Oil Spill Response Planning and Readiness Assessment Manual and its Readiness Evaluation Tool for Oil Spills - RETOS® with the support of regional and international experts from the industry and government.

    The RETOS® tool provides a unique assessment tool that brings a guide to oil and gas sector operators and governments so that they may check its own management preparedness and response to oil spills and identify the best practices to ensure the continuous improvement.

    Since its creation in 2011, companies and governments have used RETOS® in the United States, South America, Gran Caribe, Central America, West and Central Africa, Caspian Sea and Black Sea, Southeast Asia and China.

    One of the particular features of this  valuable tool is the  automatic generation  of the “Global Improvement Program – Implementation Plan” in which criteria that does not meet or are incomplete  are automatically listed  in a table  highlighting priorities for improvement and  guiding the user towards more  than 150 bibliographic references with  international best practices  that allow to close the indicated gaps.

    The ARPEL Manual andRETOS® can be downloaded free in the following link: https://arpel.org/library/publication/341/

    For further information about ARPEL courses, contact Mrs. Verónica Ferreira through e-mail cursos@arpel.org.uy or calling (+598) 2410 6993 ext. 123.


02 May 2019

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23 April 2019


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