24 October 2019

Adrián Mérida of Oldelval is the new chair of the Pipelines and Terminals Committee, and Raúl Belkenoff of YPF is the new chair of the Exploration and Production Committee

  • The Pipelines and Terminals Committee and the Exploration and Production Committee of ARPEL have new chairs.

    The group working on Pipelines and Terminals was created in 2006 with a focus on the development of best practices in processes and management systems, and training and certification programs that facilitate the continuous improvement in operational performance.

    “We are committed to developing the best practices and attitudes to ensure the reliability of our pipelines and terminals. We provide a high degree of quality in our operations, while respecting the economic, social and environmental surrounding; these characteristics position us as leading companies in the segment,” Adrián Mérida of Oldelval, new chair of the Committee, stated.

    Meanwhile, the Exploration and Production Committee, created in 2008, assesses the challenges for the growth of the upstream business in the region and leads the strategy of ARPEL to promote the development of the sector through technical advocacy and involvement with major stakeholders, including government agencies, international and national industry associations and intergovernmental institutions.

    "The Exploration and Production Committee promotes the development of an agile, modern cooperation network to support ARPEL members and other stakeholders in their exploration and production activities. In line with the strategic objectives of ARPEL, we seek to encourage communication and the exchange of knowledge and experience as the basis for a sustainable energy supply,” Raúl Belkenoff of YPF, current chair of the Committee, pointed out.

    On the part of the Executive Secretariat, Irene Alfaro is the Downstream Director and Miguel Moyano is the Upstream Director.


04 November 2019

The international situation, the future of downstream, energy transitions, sustainable management and digital transformation will be some of the topics of the Conference ARPEL 2020 in Peru

ARPEL (Regional Association of Oil, Gas and Biofuels Sector Companies in Latin America and the Caribbean) will hold the sixth edition of its Oil and Gas Conference, the main regional discussion forum for energy sector ...
28 October 2019

New ARPEL report about actions taken to foster the 10 Principles of Global Compact

ARPEL fosters the improvement of socio-environmental performance and sustainability standards and practices, through cooperation and innovation among its member companies. In 2006, ARPEL endorsed the 10 Principles of the Global Compact, and submitted its first ...